People Counting System

  • Footfallcam’s Premier Stereo Overhead ( 3 D ) people counter mounts on the ceiling to provide holistic traffic view with enhanced activity analysis and video validation abilities.
  • It provides some key benefits and business value to the retailer such as Casinos, Retail Chain, Museum and Libraries, Shopping Malls, and etc. Advanced capabilities allow the sensor to count side-by-side traffic, track multiple people simultaneously, differentiate between adults and children, and avoid counting carts and strollers.
  • As shoppers pass through the sensor’s field of view, they leave a unique trail or path. Each path is tagged with a unique ID that can then be converted into numerous metric opportunities within the sensor.
  • The built in Wi-Fi sensor collects the shoppers‘ Wi-Fi beacons and combining with the video counting data, it can track each person’s movement using unique identifier of Wi-Fi signal.